This deeply relaxing treatment involves a gentle laying on of hands which balances the chakras, calms and restores peace to the body, mind and soul. Celine is qualified in Reiki I & II. She also studied Samvahan Ancient Vibrational Massage in Bali, Indonesia. Celine combines the pure love vibration of Reiki and Aromatherapy with astonishing results.


What is Kinesiology? Kinesiology is becoming one of the fastest growing natural therapies both in Australia and Internationally. It is a unique and highly effective therapy blending elements of ancient Eastern wisdom, Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM), involving the meridians and acupressure with modern western healing modalities, such as holistic counseling, anatomy, physiology, nutrition and chiropractic techniques….


Celine’s yoga journey began as a young child after discovering Swami Sarasvati doing yoga on her popular televsion program. With natural athletic ability,  competing and representing her school in gymnastics, diving, swimming, high jump, as well as weekend equestrian events, yoga was a natural and supportive addition to Celine’s highly active lifestyle. At the age…


This deeply relaxing and nourishing massage combines heated organic oils, and a variety of physical and energetic techniques to assist the release of deeply held stress and tension, whilst revitalising every aspect of your being. Soul Nourishment encompasses: Intuitive Massage Warm Aromatic Oils Physical & Energetic Techniques


Wellness Coaching | Counselling | Holistic Kinesiology | Chinese Five Elements “CCC Therapy” Clarity- Connection- Choice This powerful combination of wellness coaching, counselling, holistic kinesiology, and Chinese five element system, is designed to identify limiting subconscious beliefs and unhelpful thought patterns that create blockages within the body-mind and energetic system. Utilising a variety of specialised…