Celine’s yoga journey began as a young child after discovering Swami Sarasvati doing yoga on her popular televsion program.

With natural athletic ability,  competing and representing her school in gymnastics, diving, swimming, high jump, as well as weekend equestrian events, yoga was a natural and supportive addition to Celine’s highly active lifestyle.

At the age of 18, whilst in Noosa, Qld, a friend encouraged Celine  to attend Elsa Rabold’s yoga class at the Noosa Surf Club.

“Having endured a series of life changing events which provoked a great deal of anxiety and emotional stress during my final school years, rediscovering yoga was a Godsend!

 The depth of calm, centeredness and Self connection experienced during that class was precisely what I needed in order to regain focus and clarity.

 I discovered such deep peace and stillness within myself, and it was at this time that I realised that yoga is not just about performing interesting poses, stretching deeply, and freeing up the body.. I learned that the essence and spirit of yoga is’ nourishment for the soul ‘ and through practising all aspects (limbs) of yoga one’s awareness is heightened; consciousness is elevated, and a certain contentment begins to permeate all aspects of life. Combined with excellent nutrition, and genuine loving kindness (to self and all living beings), yoga is an extraordinary vehicle for optimal  health and wellbeing. Hatha Yoga as well as Restorative Yoga have been integral to my own personal healing journey, and it has been a pleasure and privilege to share the gift of yoga with others for so many years.. “

Celine’s experience is extensive. Having taught regular Hatha yoga classes in a variety of settings in Australia, Bali, Hawaii, and most recently in Thailand.

Celine began teaching Hatha Yoga as a result of encouragement from another remarkable and inspirational teacher, Myra Timmerman in Montville, Qld in 1993.

After completing the Yoga Masters Hatha Yoga teacher training course in 1999 with none other than Swami Saravati 30 years on, Celine  taught Hatha yoga and meditation for the next 15 years.

Her experience ranged from private tuition, to teaching in various Health Clubs and Fitness Centres, to taking yoga into the private school system. Celine taught both staff and students at the Sunshine Coast Grammar School, Matthew Flinders College, and Immanuel Lutheran College from 1999-2002. This was ground-breaking at the time and enormously rewarding for those involved in her programs. Celine also produced her own yoga video in 2001.

Celine is available for private classes on the Gold Coast. and her speciality is working with and inspiring beginners, and those who may not believe that they have the capability to do yoga.

Celine’s  style and approach is very gentle, nurturing, relaxing, and supportive.

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