Horses for Healing – Equine Inspired Connection

Equine Assisted Personal Development.

Horses are magnificent, powerful, sensitive and aware beings. Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) experiences bring horses into the healing equation and a relationship between the horse, the client(s) and a certified practitioner ensues. This horse-human experience is a gentle yet profound heart-opening process which enhances awareness of self and others, supports emotional regulation and safety, and offers the client new possibilities for positive change, enhanced self-esteem and growth.

EAL sessions provide a range of enjoyable ground-based activities (no riding) that allow clients to develop social skills, coping resources, self-acceptance and distress tolerance.

As horses are herd animals they have an innate need for connection and affection. They have big hearts and are very willing to express authentic emotion. Horses live wholly and authentically in the present moment.
 In an equine assisted session clients are often drawn to a horse that reflects their own personality, and the reflections and behaviours of the horse can assist the person to reconnect with their own authentic selves in relationship with self as well as others.

All sessions are tailored to support the individual needs of each client and are an enjoyable alternative to room-based counselling sessions. Sessions are conducted outdoors in a safe and natural environment.

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