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Based on the Sunshine Coast, Celine currently offers a selection of specialty services including Equine Assisted Personal Development, Holistic Kinesiology, Massage and Reiki.

When the borders re-open, Celine will resume interstate and international travels and practices.


This 60 minute, horse-human experience is a gentle yet profound heart-opening process which enhances awareness of self and others, supports emotional regulation and safety, and offers possibilities for positive change, enhanced self-esteem and growth.

An extended, 90 minute session allows Celine to provide a 30 minute Reiki or Holistic Kinesiology session with you in the company of the horses.


Wellness Coaching | Counselling | Holistic Kinesiology | Chinese Five Elements

This powerful combination of wellness coaching, counselling, holistic kinesiology, and Chinese five element system, is designed to identify limiting subconscious beliefs and unhelpful thought patterns that create blockages within the body-mind and energetic system. Utilising a variety of specialised techniques such as acupressure, meridian massage, Emotional Freedom Technique, aromatherapy, and flower essences, this unique therapy aims to illuminate blockages and issues and and transform subconscious beliefs and unhelpful habits to facilitate the realisation of one’s full potential through greater awareness, empowerment, and inner freedom.

SOUL NOURISHMENT | 60mins | 90mins

Intuitive Massage | Warm Aromatic Oils | Physical & Energetic Techniques

This deeply relaxing and nourishing massage combines heated organic oils, and a variety of physical and energetic techniques to assist the release of deeply held stress and tension, whilst revitalising every aspect of your being.

Celine’s unique style both pampers the body and soothes the soul. Celine’s pure intent and presence combined with a variety of therapeutic techniques and intuitive inspiration  guarantees a luxurious, deeply nurturing and relaxing experience that leaves the recipient with a profound sense of inner peace, and lightness of being.


Aromatherapy | Sound | Colour | Reiki | Crystals | Chakra Balancing Meditation

A fusion of vibrational healing modalities blending aromatherapy and sound, colour, reiki, crystals and chakra balancing meditation, this powerful treatment encourages deep relaxation and soul connection. Clearing and balancing the chakras this treatment leaves you feeling deeply refreshed, light, and peaceful in body, mind, and spirit.


Counselling | Clarity | Support

There are times in life when we feel that we are at a crossroads and may feel lost, stuck, confused,   stressed and uncertain about our purpose in life.  At other times we may be significantly impacted by major loss, grief or change.

Without appropriate support to help process the overwhelming feelings, anxiety, depression, and various forms of emotional distress and pain can result.

Celine is a highly experienced and intuitive therapist who is passionate about empowering and assisting others to navigate the challenges of change. Celine has supported countless individuals over many years on their journey of healing and rediscovery with authentic empathy, compassion and care. She has a gift for illuminating core issues and truth with insight, clarity, and expertise. Celine supports her clients to access inner strength, resilience, self-awareness and confidence with this highly effective and unique model of counselling.

This session is a combination of skills and wisdom gained from Celine’s own life journey and considerable knowledge base, energy psychology medicine, and innovative counselling techniques. You will be given practical tools and skills which will assist the integration of the session, and can be used as ongoing reinforcement and support in everyday life.


Neuro-Plasticity | Energy Psychology

This session is designed to educate and provide you with valuable, practical tools to help you understand your key stressors and to learn how to modulate and manage your responses more consciously and effectively. There is a growing body of scientific evidence which verifies the profound impact that our thoughts and emotional reactivity can have upon our physiology.

With a background in hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming, yoga, and meditation Celine has created this unique session to assist you to ‘train your brain’ so as to empower you to be more mindful and conscious of the quality of your thoughts. This practise can create significant changes to your mental, emotional, and even physical health and wellbeing. Highly recommended for anyone living in the 21st century!