I am so in awe of the power of horses!

My equine Assisted Personal Development session with Celine and the beautiful herd of horses at River Road was truly remarkable. I am extremely grateful and forever changed.

What an amazing experience! I found myself crying and releasing emotion as I stood with one horse with whom I felt a strong heart connection. It was a very humbling experience. Celine has healing gifts that are truly dynamic.

I would highly recommend seeking her skills to help support you on your healing journey.

 – Kerry, QLD

When I first met Celine I was suffering chronic stress with a variety of symptoms including severe vertigo. My health was such that I was unable to continue working.

I was quite skeptical of Natural Therapies and did not even know what Kinesiology was.

From the first session with Celine I realised that she is a very powerful healer with an obvious passion for what she does. She empowered me to take control of my health and make positive changes in my life. One year on I am back at work and my health has never been better. Stress is now a thing of the past.   Celine has also helped my teenage daughter through a very difficult stage in her life. The change in her is dramatic and really quite remarkable! Celine clearly enjoys sharing her gift and I am so thankful! “

 – Lindy, Veterinary Surgeon, QLD


“I used to always crave sweets, especially chocolate when stressed and also to comfort me when tired or lonely. After two sessions with Celine I noticed a huge difference in the reduction of these cravings and in my whole relationship with sweet things.

 I definitely no longer look to the sweet things for comfort when I am tired and stressed. I still enjoy eating chocolate and don’t deny myself but find I am satisfied with a much smaller amount and I am not eating the sweet foods to fill the void.

 Carolyn, Brisbane


“It’s so rare to find a practitioner who is truly holistic, with a breadth and depth of experience, and yet be so grounded and client-centred. From my first session with Celine, I felt instantly at ease. I’ve been amazed at her ability to help me come to the issue or question I really felt needed to be addressed, and I’ve felt such a massive shift in myself in the last few weeks – even to the point that others in my life have commented. If you have found your way to the point of considering this, there is a reason for it… go with your intuition. Celine is an angel.” 

Rearn, HR Psychologist, VIC